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How to Pick an Affordable Blender Under 200?

by Charlene Riley
How to Pick an Affordable Blender Under 200?

The blender is an indispensable assistant in kitchen affairs, allowing you to quickly mix soft and liquid foods. It is suitable for mashed potatoes, cocktails, baby food. Among the main functions of simple products include beating and mixing. Advanced immersion models can additionally grind even hard ingredients, including nuts, minced meat, dried fruits and herbs. If you do not know how to choose a blender under $200 for household needs, it is important to decide on the type of device, based on the characteristics, configuration and ease of use of a particular model. We will try to solve this issue by indicating the optimal parameters for the main applications of the invention.

At once it is necessary to tell that such inventions are not intended for cutting and shingling. For the tasks it is definitely better to buy a kitchen combine, even if the developers are full of advertising about the incredible potential and versatility of their product.

Working Principle

Working Principle

It is not an error to compare this invention with a mixer. The only difference is the greater number of blender functions and the availability of a container that prevents food from being sprayed around the kitchen. To mix food, the user needs to put the ingredients into the bowl, select the mode and start the product. The process consists of the following steps:

  • Installation of the required nozzle;
  • Stacking the ingredients in the bowl;
  • Placement of the work surface in the bowl;
  • Connecting the device to the network;
  • Selecting the mode and turning it on.

Based on the principle of operation, it becomes clear that no special problems should arise in the operation of the device. However, when choosing a blender, consider the size of the power cord. To do this, first think about where the invention will stand.

Blender types

Blender types

Let’s start with the fact that there are so-called shredders on the market, which are sold as flasks. They have a special knife and a motor nozzle in their design. Such blenders are chosen for crushing ice, vegetables, fruits. They do not cope with other tasks in the best way.

For obvious reasons, we have singled out 3 blender types separately:

  • Stationary – a category of household appliances that provide the preparation of cocktails, mousse, puree soup. Many people call such devices “shakers”. Such inventions consist of a bowl and a stand. At the bottom there is a special knife, consisting of four, crosswise parts. This design allows not only to knock down, but also to give the consistency the necessary shape. If you do not know which stationary blender to choose, please note that glass bowls are easier to wash than plastic ones, but they can be broken.
  • Immersion is a more powerful product that allows for interaction with hot products. The immersion part of the models has a heat-resistant leg. Such inventions are faster and more compact, but they are not too easy to use, because they need to be held in the hand. On the other hand, such devices are ideal for preparing portions. The immersion blender is an optimal choice for a small family;
  • Combination models – the embodiment of the advantages of shredders and immersion blenders. Typically have more nozzles, vacuum pump, which allows you to store more food inside.

Thus, a stationary blender is an excellent solution for cocktails, while a submersible blender for a small family. If there are children in the family, you can buy a shredder that easily grinds cooked fruits and vegetables. The combined analogue has the largest scope of application, but worse than the stationary analogue can cope with the necks.

Power and volume of the bowl

Power and volume of the bowl

When choosing the power of the blender, consider the dependence of performance on the capacity of the bowl and the type of product. The volume of the jug can vary from 1 to 2 liters. Typically, the actual capacity of the jug is 200 grams less than the manufacturer’s specification. Optimal capacity of the stationary type assistant varies in a wide range. It is better to choose from 250 to 350 W. Immersion blenders have a power range of 130 to 1200 W. Optimal choice is 600 W.

The number of supported modes of operation depends on the performance: from 1 to 30. In this case everything depends solely on your interests and needs.

Packaging and types of nozzles

Packaging and types of nozzles

In most cases, the set includes nozzles for grinding, mixing, whipping. If you don’t know which blender to choose, consider the purpose and number of additional details:

  • blender nozzle – for cocktails, smoothies, mashed potatoes;
  • whisker – for mayonnaise, cream, sauces, kneading text;
  • shredder bowl – for minced meat;
  • grinder – for grinding garlic, sugar, peas, coffee beans.

Some models can be additionally equipped with separate nozzles for mashed potatoes.

It should be added that the combined products are additionally equipped with a pump for air pumping. This allows you to increase the shelf life of food inside the bowl. Very useful detail!

How much does a good blender cost?

How much does a good blender cost?

To choose a good blender you need to consider the price/quality ratio. Due to the excess advertising, characteristics that do not correspond to reality and purchased feedback from manufacturers to understand how much a normal unit costs quite difficult. We will try to answer the question raised.

Please note that stationary blenders are more expensive than submersible counterparts, which, in turn, are inferior to combined solutions. On average, the difference in price of these types of goods is 10-15%. Accordingly, the combined unit costs another 10-15 dollars more. Thus, we have looked at the basic principles that should help you understand how blenders are chosen according to their types and user needs. Good luck, and good shopping!

The best manufacturers

The best manufacturers

Which company’s blender is best chosen for the home to be reliable and serve for many years? The consultant in the store will offer the most expensive model or product, for the sale of which will receive good bonuses.

Before you go for a purchase or start looking through the catalog of the online store, we will tell you about the features of blenders from leading manufacturers.


The reliability of the German brand has long ago become inviolable. High quality is still confirmed today – the company produces all household appliances at European factories.

Blenders’ peculiarities:

  • The main leg is made of stainless steel, as in professional models;
  • the motor operates in three modes, marked by the letters S, L and M;
  • minimum power of models – 750 W;
  • handy control buttons.

The only disadvantage of BOSCH blenders is high price. With equal characteristics, they cost 1.5-2 times more expensive than the models of lesser known brands.


Another famous German manufacturer of small home appliances, delighting owners with practical blenders.

Features models:

  • The range includes devices of low, medium and high price segment, the difference – in design;
  • inexpensive prefabricated immersion blenders with nozzles.

The company BRAUN regularly holds promotions 1+1, where when buying a kitchen combine blender is a gift.


The company KENWOOD many years ago became famous for the invention of the kitchen combine and is considered one of the best manufacturers of small appliances.

Advantages of models:

  • comfortable operation;
  • stylish design.

All the undoubted advantages of kitchen assistants KENWOOD covers their price. Some models of ordinary immersion blenders without attachments are 4 times more expensive than similar from a little-known manufacturer.


The trade mark has won worldwide popularity for the production of quality home appliances. Blenders are notable for their compactness and affordable price.


  • stylish design;
  • wide choice of all kinds of nozzles;
  • low price.

The range is still small, if you need an inexpensive reliable blender from a well-known brand, pay attention to this brand.

Buying a Refrigerator – What to Look for in a Refrigerator

How much should I spend on fridge?

The fridge is the most important part of the fridge in the garage. It holds our food and is where we keep things like maintenance tools and clothes. It’s where we store stuff that we are going to want to put into our beds at night. Once you have your fridge set up, you can start measuring the fridge cost. Generally, a new fridge will cost around $500 to $1,000 for installation. Some places even cover the installation, but most places won’t.

15 to 20% of your salary should be enough. With the cost of almost all the groceries under one or two US dollars a day, you could manage just in one year with 10 or more people. For example, if you bought things every three days, $24.50 would amount to $134 a week or $16.80 a day. I suggest you also check out those tools for indoor gardening. They can cut the rent from about $300 to $190 a month.

What if there are others and they will get bored of the fridge and leave and be upset?”

I think if you take things a step at a time and just assess each component and ask yourself the same question every single time you go to buy a fridge, you will not overspend on a fridge. It’s like having a friend with a hundred bucks to blow on your holiday. If that person is not with you every single time, you’re going to end up with a chain that was made in the 1970s.

If you live with kids or if you have a heavy family, then it’s more important to spend it wisely. I have a fridge in the kitchen for everything that needs to be produced and stored for the next few days (i.e. grape, shrimp, meat, etc.). That fridge costs me only 2.50€/month, i.e. 500€/year, less than it would cost me for a separate fridge in my bedroom.

How To Find A Good Fridge?

A freezer is probably the best piece of hardware you will ever need for food storage. A decent refrigerator will last 10 years, with occasional use, or 20 years, with regular service. A freezer will last a lifetime if kept in excellent condition, which means you should never allow it to get old, or it will fail. Fridges are cheap, and the maintenance is minimal. All you need to do is clean it out as needed, wash your dishes, and store all your food in it.

Be polite. Your customer is the only person who will want to talk to you because you have this information for her. Your job is to understand her needs, not the needs of your average customer who is friendly, social and tech-savvy. 2. Ask good questions. While a knowledgeable buyer will be able to tell you why the fridge you’re considering doesn’t work for her, but not how, don’t ask her. “That sounds like a waste of money, but that is not what I’m trying to get at right now.”

How much does a mini fridge cost?

I went on a mini fridge shopping spree to buy all of the equipment I needed. The pricing wasn’t bad and the prices may or may not vary depending on where you buy them. The pricing starts around $300. If you aren’t concerned about purchasing the entire equipment set up all at once, then a grocery store mini fridge can cost you around $75 to $150, and we were able to purchase the items used and without any extra delivery fees (which isn’t really a win for us).

A mini-fridge comes in at about $700, but if you are looking for a $1000 one, I would recommend checking with Amazon instead of Amazon’s own site. Amazon tends to sell good deals, and it is possible to find a miniframingr on Amazon that has a lower price and that comes with free shipping.

Does your refrigerator cost too much for your needs? Our team is here to help! Check out our site’s “How much does a mini fridge cost?” section and we’ll give you a quick answer.

How to choose the right brand for your needs – Branding is one of the most important considerations when choosing a mini-fridge. Take a look at our guide to mini-fridges and brands.

read our cheap fridge mini-review.

How much is it?

The Mini Fridge is a newer fridge that is relatively small, which means you can fit a fridge in a bathroom cupboard or cubicle.

There are a few versions available for £39.99 and £57.99. The Mini Fridge has three rooms that can store more food than its bigger fridges, and it even comes with 2 bin cupboards to store that extra food for when you’re finished.

The mini-fridge costs around $149 in the US, £130 in the UK and $219 in Japan. While this doesn’t sound too expensive, you do have to factor in other factors such as electricity and work.

Update: the price of an Australian version of the mini-fridge is $159.95 AUD.

How does the best mini fridge compare to the most popular mini fridges?

It’s no surprise that the coolest mini-fridges are also the most affordable. But there are other factors to consider

Are bottom freezer refrigerators better?

With a draw-down is the word for freezing directly from the freezer rather than an oven. While in theory, it could make your food less healthy due to condensation, it could save you a small fortune as well. Bottom freezer refrigerators are especially common these days because, at this point, it’s highly unlikely your local supermarket will carry them. They’re smaller and more budget-friendly than their higher-end brethren, but come with a drawback: You won’t be able to take frozen foods out of them easily.

This question comes up all the time, but most people have never heard a definitive answer.

Let’s take a closer look at that question.

There are basically two types of freezer refrigerator: a countertop model and a wall-mounted model. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Countertop model: These smaller versions do not require that you install special interior ductwork. This means that you can install them on your countertop without needing to do any kind of project. If you would rather install a separate wall-mounted countertop model.

Here’s what I think about this recipe article